What types of Photography to use for SEO?

If you have Amazing Photography on your Website will it have an Effect on you SEO…

There are many aspects to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and each of these aspects or factors can have an interesting effect on your entire marketing campaign. Lets talk photography in specifics!

If you are launching an SEO campaign or any type of marketing campaign online, you better be sure you are using good images and most importantly amazing images shot of you and your business. There are many ways to rank your

Stock Photography for SEO

Stock Photography will work for SEO, however it is important to understand that in the long run its going to get pretty expensive purchasing 50 – 100 images to enhance your SEO campaign. Stock Photography has its place in the web design world as does everything else and the reason why most companies pay for Stock Images Vs. Professional Photography is the price. If you pay for a professional photographer to come out and shoot 50 – 100 images, you are looking at $500 – $1000. Stock images on the other hand, you are looking at $150 – $300. With SEO Folsom and Front Street Media you get free professional photography for your business with your Search Engine Optimization campaign.

iPhone/ Smart Phone Photography for SEO

Getting more and more popular by the day, iPhone and Smart Phone Photography for SEO is becoming the industry standard. With iPhones, Androids and smart phones taking some better pictures than digital cameras, it is no wonder why so many people are snapping off hundreds of pictures with their camera phones and using them for business web sites. iPhone and Smart Phone Photography will soon become the industry norm and this is ok, as long as you want a mediocre brand. Having an enhanced brand online and setting yourself apart from the competition is important right? If you have iPhone and Smart Phone Photography on your website, you will essentially blend in with every one of your competitors online.

Professional Photography for SEO

Professional Business Photography is one of the most important aspects in your SEO campaign. With amazing Professional Business Photography, you can set yourself apart from the competition in many ways. Through social media, blog posts, press releases, etc you will have high quality stunning images of your business and brand to represent you to the fullest online. Any local/ national business that wants an amazing appearance online should have Professional Business Photography. With the growing demand on visuals in website design from the search engines, its important to have original Professional Business Photography in your website. When the search engines crawl your website and see the same image that 100 other websites have, they will take this into consideration before ranking you. If however, you have stunning Professional Business Photography , you are sure to stand out in the search engines and to your potential prospects.